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Power Fish'N Reel

Post by dansfishntales » Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:24 pm

It has been a while since I've been on the boards. Sorry guys, but things are like a tornado in my life on several fronts. Anyway, what I've stopped by to let you know about is part of one of my new positions through Nehlsen Communications. I am a consultant/video host/writer/promotional person for the Power Fish'N reel. This is a Shakespeare spinning reel that is powered by a self-contained battery operated motor. It is mainly targeted towards the disabled angler, but adds something different to any angler's fishing experience. More information and a video can be found at www.powerfishn.com. You can also see a video on my website at www.dansfishntales.com, which also has a Power Fish'N page to post photos of people who have caught fish while using the reel.

Another thing we are looking at is finding a group, or individuals who may be interested in the sales/distribution of this reel. So, if interested let me know and I'll pass along your anme/contact info to Nancy Nehlsen. You can email me through here or my website.

Recently I landed my 152nd award fish on this reel, and altough I was tempted to use the handle on the reel, I decided to see what I could do by just using the motor. It takes a lot of pumping the rod, but I got the fish in, which was a 6.21 pound bass.

One of the techniques that has been working for me since last November is fishing with Pulse-R swimbait. It is working great. I use it with a stop and go retrieve by pushing the power button on and off. When you out fish evenyone who is on the lake, and the water is at 45 degrees, you know something is going right. Whether it was the reel, lure or combination of the two, it worked.
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