Old lures don't stop working.

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Old lures don't stop working.

Post by Crestliner » Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:18 am

Not sure ukey28, as the Runt's action is a slow, side-to-side roll. However, I do believe Heddon still makes the Runts in a plastic version, but I'm not sure.

Worden's still makes the Flatfish, which has been a great fish catcher for many, many moons. I like the larger size in gold plate! Northern pike and salmon love them.

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Old lures don't stop working.

Post by ukey28 » Wed Mar 14, 2012 12:14 am

orange with black dots, I think it was an F20 about 2.5 inches long. Two little treble hooks on a bracket. It caught everything! It was the first lure to teach me that Big fish, Bass included, will nibble on a slow moving lure. I saw a kid catch a flounder on one in frog color in Long Island Sound off the beach!!! Just before I was going to tell him that it was a freshwater lure and there aren't any frogs on a salt water beach!!!
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