New baits from Real Fish Bait Co. 8 9 inch hardb

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New baits from Real Fish Bait Co. 8 9 inch hardb

Post by bchapman » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:16 pm

Real Fish Bait swimbaits are great! And the best thing is the price is very reasonable, under $15. They have a variety of baits from bluegill to trout to minnow hardbait types. I've done well with the 6.5" Trout floater size. Stripers and bass crush them as they float on top.
I heard they are going to make a 8" Hard Shad and 9" Hard Trout swimbait version this summer 2012, for under $23!! I can't wait to get some. These baits are going to be great for those trophy size fish.

Check them out at
Here are a couple photos of their baits. They look realistic!

4" Sanddab swimbait

Backside of Sanddab

6" & 10" Sanddab model coming soon!

Real Fish Bait - New 8" Hardbait Shad

Real Fish Bait - New 9" Hardbait Shad

Take a look at the video:

Hope that helps!


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