Power FishN Rep Needed

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Power FishN Rep Needed

Post by dansfishntales » Sat Sep 28, 2013 12:48 am

I work as a fishing consultant for Nehlsen Communications, who is the marketing firm for Power FishN Pro Reel. The reel is primarily targeted towards disabled anglers, but can give a unique way of fishing certain lures for any angler.

At the moment Power FishN is looking for sales reps and distributors. In fact, anyone who can help get the word out, and help sell the product.

You can see videos on my website at www.dansfishntales.com or the Power FishN website at www.powerfishn.com.

This is a hybrid spinning reel, which means it can be used with the electric motor or crank handle.

If interested you can contact Lou Ann Goral at Nehlsen Communications at 309-736-1071, or by email at louann@ncpr.com.

You can also contact me if there are any questions about the reel.
Dan Galusha : Bassin' USA Prostaff : Illinois

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