Be the Bass!

Just getting started in Bass Fishing? Hey, everyone started at some point. There are no wrong questions here, only the ones you don't ask. This is the place to ask for help on the basics.
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Be the Bass!

Post by mojoisland » Fri Jun 27, 2008 11:43 pm

Most, if not all of the so-called ‘insider’ secrets, tips and stories to tell of big hauls of Bass, all revolve, around a very simple basic rule – understanding the fish, (their life-cycles, feeding preferences, habits and patterns, habit and menu of choice, their nature, their relationship with the broader eco-system and position on the food-chain, timing it right. Also heeding your surroundings, your equipment (tools), having the know how and basics under your belt and finally optimizing (every!) opportunity…

In effect, you are going about, creating the most favorable
angling process and outcome you can muster!
Bass fishing is a passion, a science and an art form upon itself. It appeals to young and old, attracts anglers from all walks of life and both sides of the professional and amateur spectrum. One key to bass fishing is, what we can easily refer to as, ‘predictable behavior’. Habits, patterns, life cycles, the natural rhythm that is life and nature – also applies to fish. This means that Bass exist within this natural reality. If you can capitalize on understanding it better, you will increase your chances of successful hooks/bites.

Seeking protective cover, foraging amongst rocks, stumps,
weeds, at times on the prowl hunting for prey, other times just ‘lunching’ around casually, all seem to be part of The Bass feeding rituals and repertoire. Taking advantage and considering this when starting out and every time casting, will benefit you greatly.

Another is “competitive advantage”, The Bass has an “airtight sac” (breathing bladder), that is inflatable, which enables it to swim and thrive at different levels. A powerful tail helps with speed, agility and maneuverability. It can reach great depths. Other factors like water clarity, time of day, subdued sunlight, water displacement and vibration sensing, noise sensitivity, all
add to this fish’ cunning and ensuring that you scrutinize these clues, will increase your odds of hooking your next big one.

Unlocking for example how The Bass senses and prefers color and shade in the moment, can always also help anglers increase their effectiveness. The choice and type of lure, colors and movement, bait etc. can all contribute meaningfully to your attempts.

Keep Your Rod Up!
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Be the Bass!

Post by MbBass » Sat Jun 28, 2008 2:25 am

Thats a good read. I remember the first time i tried to target bass. I didnt fair so well , i knew nothing about them and it showed in my fishing. I knew i wanted to fish and target bass , But i also remembered how it went the last time i fished. So i started looking up sunfish info and largemouth bass. I came across and low and behold all the info you could ever want to read on largemouth bass habits, life span,spawn, forage,how to handle,etc,etc.

And i found this site and started asking and asking. I am glad to say all this reading and all this asking has made me a better fisherman. I also have been stocking the ponds in my neighborhood with tons of bass and even more bluegill .

Now I have found myself teaching kids how to fish. It started out 1 or 2 would see me out there. And now i have 14 little fishing buddies that alwayz come by and want to know if i want to go fishing. I take pride in this only because of the type world we live in. All you see is kids getting into big time trouble or playing these hardcore playstation games. Hopefully this keeps them in check .

I have recieved a ton of help from everyone here and i relly appreciate it a ton and i am trying to pass it on to our youth. It is so peacefull to fish and i have found a another passion that i love [censored] well as surfing. But like this guy says if you really want to fish and you cant seem to catch the fish maybe you need to read and understand so that way you know how to be the bass.

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Be the Bass!

Post by johnnie crain outdoors » Mon Jun 30, 2008 7:00 am

MbBass, good job on teaching the kids to fish, there is no greater reward for us anglers than to pass it on. We don't have to be pros to help kids get into fishing, just a little nudge in the right direction really helps. Keep up the good work. Johnnie
Johnnie Crain

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