Recomend me a bait caster

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Recomend me a bait caster

Post by brendanc » Fri Jul 18, 2008 2:23 pm

I just used it again last night and am still happy with it. Best of luck with the new reel and Happy Birthday (in advance).

Brendan C.

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Recomend me a bait caster

Post by Phoenix » Wed Jul 04, 2012 10:50 am

I spent $60.. got a Shimano PMA10-G and a Diawa Bantam-100, after having them cleaned and oiled.. they were great, so about $95 in the pair. Both cast well over 100' and handle cranks, spinner baits, and buzz baits well. I think the critical thing was the cleaning and lubrication, using the right line (12 lb. co polymer on both) then if you're not used to bait casters, you'd need to adjust them so you don't end up with a huge bird nest every time you cast. My son gave me a Abu Garcia "Silver Max" for my flipping stick its faster and it's NEW so it runs SO well.. 1/2 oz spinner bait will go about 150', but this rod and reel was more intended for flipping (20-25 ft max). Are you just wanting a reel for general service, or did you have a particular job for it?
Was your reel new, or used? There are several variants that would make a big difference in the way it casts, but if its used.. a good cleaning and oiling is a must, then youd need to adjust it for your comfort.
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