Live Wells and Aerators

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Live Wells and Aerators

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Hello Everyone, I have a 2005 275 Stratos ProXL Bass Boat and I have some questions that has always bugged me to ask. So I am throwing this out there.

Question #1:
My boat has an Automatic,Recirculate, and Empty setting switch that is used with the live wells. How do you properly use these settings with the manual and automatic pump/aerator switches? Truthfully, I was never properly briefed on the proper use of the live well tanks and the use of these switches? SO I just want to make sure I am using them properly.

Question #2:
How or what is the proper way to clean a live well? I heard dishwashing soap is good and to let it air out and dry completely before you add your fish. Main concern is killing accumulated bacteria's, smells ect..ect..

Any info will help on either question. Thanks
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Live Wells and Aerators

Post by ukey28 »

Question 2 - Plug the drain and wash them down with a mixture of one cup White vinegar to a gallon of water. Pour it in swish it around up and down the sides and under the lid then drain it through the bottom. Then rinse it out with water from a spray hose. Wear gloves while washing. Its an organic way to do it and it works! I don't know how your pumps and switches are set up so I can't comment on Question 1.
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Live Wells and Aerators

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Hi Max,

I used to have a Stratos 201 ProXL and here was the deal with my livewells:

Automatic: pumped fresh water in.
Recirculate: Takes the water within the livewell tank and recirculates it through a pump and aerators which adds bubbles into the water to freshen the O2 content of the water.

The timer works for both the Automatic and the Recirculate pump frequency. Depending on if you have either one or both turned on at the same time.

Here's how I liked to use them. Normally I would keep both pump going all day and adjust the timer (on/off) based on the water temp. The hotter the water temp the more frequently you'll want the pumps to kick on and off. Here's are two other things tips I can give you:

1) Make sure you turn off the Automatic intake pump before you pull your boat out of the water because it will be running dry and eventually burn out the motor.

2) If you have fish in your well that came out of deeper water, you might want to turn off the Automatic intake pump before entering really shallow hot/warm water. This will help keep the water temp down when heading in shallow, however keep in mind that the oxygen levels are going to be less now because you are not swapping out fresh water every few minutes.

Looks like Ukey took care of your other question. Sorry for the delayed response...
Brendan C.
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