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Off Structure Bass – 360 Imaging


Everyone likes to share tips about targeting bass in the heat of the summer.  It’s no secret that bass love to get around deep water structure like humps and ledges.  When venturing out to these areas, pay attention to your electronics.  If you have side imaging or structure scan look for schools of baitfish and bass that may be using the open water off the sides of these structures.  After you’ve worked the structure itself, try positioning your boat on top of the high spot and cast a deep diving crankbait or a swimbait out into the open water and bring it back towards the shallower high spot.  Many times you can draw bass in from the open water that you might have been overlooking.  For the most effective way to capitalize on this technique, a humminbird 360 can show you exactly where these bass are in relationship to your boat.  Not only where they are, but also where they are moving as they chase open water baitfish.  It takes the guess work out of where to cast.