Growing up on Long Island, the founders of Bassin' USA had exposure to all types of fishing. Long Island provides access to both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Obtaining information related to fishing was limited to the advice of friends and the local tackle shop.

With the rise of the Internet, many fishing-related Websites surfaced to expand the knowledge base of the fishing community and make it available to the public. Although there are thousands of fishing Websites, most lack the infrastructure to support the growing population of registered fishermen, which has exceeded 52 million. Golf and tennis enthusiasts combined do not exceed the number of fishermen in America today.

In 1997, discussions began for the creation of a fishing-related Website solely dedicated to freshwater Bass fishermen. After two long years of planning, the right people, and a lot of research, Bassin' was launched.

With the vast complexities of an Internet-driven market place, finding accurate and detailed information related to Bass fishing had become cumbersome at best. By integrating all facets of this $60 billion dollar industry, Bassin' USA is building the world's largest online Bass fishing resource and community to preserve and further the sport of Bass fishing.

Each year more and more people get online and inquire about this great sport of ours and the online knowledgebase just keeps getting better. We are proud to be one of bass fishing's internet pioneers.

Bassin' USA delivers Internet-driven bass fishing resources and services. Our staff provides a tremendous team understanding of the needs of the bass fishing community, gained from hands-on experience in technology and the fishing industry.

Our company can be characterized as an interactive service provider, designed by fishermen, for fishermen.

"Our Mission is to provide every fisherman with easy access to detailed bass fishing resources anywhere in the United States of America."