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Fishing for Beginners


The Beginner’s Guide to Lure Fishing

Hook Knowledge 101


Fishing Lines & More Fishing Lines

7_ewgpacksthmbTackle shops are overflowing with bass fishing hooks and for a beginning angler that can be very overwhelming.  Using the right hook could be what comes between you and catching a big bass. Learn  how to use hooks with different presentations and which ones should fill your tackle box.

Captain Hook – Bass Hook Selection for Finesse Bass Fishing



fishing-linesBraided, Mono, Fluoro, 6 oz., 10 oz, sinking or non-sinking… Finding the right bass fishing line as a beginner can be quite confusing. Knowing the difference between these lines and which one works best with each lure or rig is key for the most effective presentation. We’ll teach you about the different fishing lines and how they work. So before you spool up you reels know all you can about line so you can make the best decision.

Fishing Line Basic

Braided Line Vs Mono Line


Knots For Beginners


Lures & Tackle

Learn how to tie some basic knots here.  We have video instruction that breaks it down for you step by step.

fishing_knotHow To Tie a Clinch Knot

How To Tie a Palomer Knot


Find out which bass fishing lures beginners should start out with and how to use them to be a successful bass angler.

2_tackleboxthmbPlastic Worm Fishing Basics

Wacky Worming

Guide to Jerkbait Fishing

Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits


Seasonal Bass Fishing & the Effects


Tactics & Techniques

A beginner bass angler should learn how changing seasons effect the behavoir of bass.  Winter, spring, summer and fall each hold their own general patterns and being able to quickly identify which seasonal stage the fish are in will make catching them a whole lot easier.  Learn how bass transition from one season to the next and how to follow their movement. 


The Metabolic Bass

Top 20 Bass Fishing Tips by Season

Winter Bass Fishing

Spring Has Sprung

Post Spawn

Fall Bass Fishing



Need some help trying to learn bass fishing techniques?  We can help you understand when to choose right fishing tactics and techniques for the situation.

Worm Fishing Basics – A Technique Every Bass Angler Should Know!

Weedless Frog Tactics

Bass Rigs With a Twist

The New Technique Hump

The Tackle Box 


Rods & Reels Selection

Before heading out to the water, you need to make sure you are equipped with all the right tools for when you start catching bass.  Rods & Reels aren’t the only tools you need.  Find out what you should have in your tackle box for a successful bass fishing trip.

Why Polarized Sunglasses?

Bass Fishing Equipment Check



Find out here which rods and reels work the best together, and how to select the one that will be most effective for you.

Basic Fishing Rod Selection