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Baits to Throw in Early Spring


When fishing in early spring, a very small jig 1/8 to 3/16 oz. with a uncle josh no# 101 pork frog is the hot bait in icy water. My second choice is a tube bait. These are the only two baits I will throw in early spring. You have to remember to fish these baits very slow. You also must keep in mind that you will not catch 100 bass a day at this time of year, but you can get your limit. Find the warmest water in the body of water you are fishing and start there. I look for any backwater area that has docks or brush piles in it. Pitch your jig in and around cover and make sure the jig falls straight down. You have to feed line out after your jig hits the water to make your jig fall straight. Begin making little shaking motions with the rod tip, do not move the jig 6 or 8 inches at a time, move it 2 to 3 inches at a time. This time of year you must be a line watcher, the bites maybe very subtle, just a small jump in the line, if you are only going by feel, you will miss these light strikes. Sometimes in very cold water the bites can also be a hard thump, so be ready. At this time of year more than any other you need to fish your bait all the way back to the boat. Bites may occur right in the cover or they can come 2 to 15 feet out in front of the cover, so fish all the water in front of you.