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Blakemore Lures Product Review 2


Rock n RunnerThe bait ran true right out of the package and the small willow on the bottom definitely added more flash to the bait. This bait is like your traditional chatterbait on steroids. I fished this bait on a 6’6” baitcasting rod with 17lb McCoy Mean Green copolymer line.

This is deadly bait for fishing around laydowns, pads, grass and cattails. I would also recommend fishing this bait using braided line due to the fact this bait really shines around heavy cover.

My ratings of the Rock’n Runner is as follows:

Quality: 9
Performance: 10
Durability: 9
Lure Design: 10

Overall Rating: 9.5

TTI Blakemore says: “The Deadliest Road Runner in 50 years! Tie-on at snap, Cast near structure, Retrieve, HANG ON! Because it’s a Road Runner® at heart, it out-fishes ordinary baits.” LEARN MORE