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Fall Bass Fishing Tip


So many people don’t take advantage of the feeding bite of fall bass fishing. When that water starts to cool down and those days start to get shorter one thing happens… BASS START FEEDING AGGRESSIVELY! People like to sit on a couple of spots all day and wonder why they are not catching fish. I look for aggressive biting fish in the fall I have a run and gun approach to it. If I get to a spot and I have not got a bit in 15-20 minutes then it’s time to move. I could hit as many as 20 spots in an hour looking for those aggressive fish. The feeding window change on each spot so that’s why you need to cover a lot of areas. If it’s your home body and you know those feeding windows then make a milk run hitting those spots at the proper time. Try the run and gun approach in the Fall it will help you put more fish in the boat. Tight Lines!