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Fenwick HMG Triggerstik Rod Review – Editor


Testing Conditions

I used the HMG Triggerstik GT70MH-F as my go to rod while fishing the winter series in one of my fishing clubs.  It was early November and the air temperature was in the low 50,s (low 40’s in the am) and the water temp was in the upper 40’s. The water dropped almost ten degrees, so fishing was going to be tough. We had a slight breeze, which I prefer. I used an Enigma baitcaster and spooled it with 12 pound Berkley gold Fluoro.


The length and weight of the rod is perfect. My casts were smooth and on target. The tip was fast and there are just enough guides on the rod for the line to flow through smoothly. A very impressive setup, with it being one of my lower budget setups it impressed the heck out of me.


I was fishing a cold front so I knew the bites were going to be very subtle.  Between the sensitivity of this rod and the fluorocarbon line, I was able to feel each hit. The bass were picking up the bait instead of hitting the bait. The sensitivity of the HMG Triggerstik GT70MH-F helped me land more fish. I am sure the Fuji Alconite guides contributed to the sensitivity.


The “backbone” of the rod was efficient. At one point I was able to set the hook and nearly catch a 5lb largemouth in over twenty feet of water. Without that power I would have never got the hook in the fish. Having a faster tip made it easier cast and place the bait where I wanted it.


The rod is holding up very well. The Fuji Alconite guides are wrapped nicely and cleanly with ample amount of guides. The only problem is that there’s no bait keeper, so you must attach the bait and hook to the guide which does not have much room.


The HMG Triggerstik GT70MH-F has a great design.  The longer butt handle makes it comfortable to fish, and has a great coating over the entire rod. The Fuji Alconite guides are mounted nicely and cleanly with enough of them on the rod.  A minor concern is will the cork in front of the reel over hold up over time?


I used the rod with crankbaits, spinnerbaits and swim baits. I found the best application to be swim baits. I used the rod with lighter swim baits; 3 to 4 inch swim baits on a ¼ once head. There is enough play in the rod to sweep when you feel the fish. The backbone is strong enough to get the hook in the fish.

Overall Thoughts

The HMG Triggerstik GT70MH-F is great rod to add to the arsenal. Matched with the proper reel, it’s a winner. However, if Fenwick would add a bait keeper, you are really talking. I will be putting many more hours into this rod to see how it stands up to long term. For the price you are getting a great product.


Construction/Quality 8.00
Performance 8.00
Price 9.00
Features 8.00
Design/Comfort 7.00
Application 8.00

Total Score 8.00