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Fishing in a crowd: What do I do?


With the amount of fishing pressure today, someone must really use ever trick in the bag to catch fish.

Weekend tournaments are popping up all over the country with a lot of mixed fillings. Some guys welcome the new circuits while others just mumble with discuss. While everyone cannot take time off work to fish through the week, the weekend angler must incorporate a method for catching fish in a crowd.

First of all, find out where the fishing pressure is the greatest, you can eliminate a lot of water with this first task. Second, learn the seasonal patterns on your home waters, ask questions, study maps and devise a game plan before you get to the lake. Third, find out what most of the fish are biting and try something just a little bit different. You may downsize and try the finesse approach, but don’t be afraid to do the opposite. Going bigger may be the key to catching those fish.

So the next time your caught in a crowd, get in there and rub some elbows.