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Fishing Inside Turns


In the North Country, once the spawn is complete, a large population of bass move to the weed lines, adjacent to drop-offs in the deeper waters of the lake. It is on these weed lines. Bass school as they do in southern reservoirs near ledges or creek channels. Most everyone knows points attract bass, and a good weed point with cabbage and scattered coon tail should not be passed by without checking. My game plan, however, involves following the weed line in, to where it turns back out towards the flat. I believe that is in these “inside turns” where the bass live, and they move to the points to feed. Inside turns generally offer a shorter distance to travel to deep and shallow areas, and offer protection and cover on both sides, rather then open water as on a point. I also think inside turns are more consistent producers, year after year since they generally have a different bottom composition than the surrounding area. Fish in these areas tend to be in a neutral feeding mode, so I search for them with a jig or worm, making casts up into the weed edges and working them a few feet beyond the weeds before tossing back in. Probing the inside turns is a consistent pattern to find fish where they live. Bass only feed points for a certain amount of time each day. When they are through, they return to the safety of the nearest inside turn where they can continue to be caught with a less aggressive approach