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Reaction Baits


There are two different hooks to use for reaction baits at least in my book anyway. The first hook is a round bent treble hook and the second is a Kayle style (EWG). For surface baits and when the¬†fish slap at the bait “like during the spawn” the round bend hook, hooks more bass fish. The reason for this is on the surface and during the spawn the fish are more or less slapping at the bait and not inhaling it and the round bend hook will snag them “for the lack of a better term”. Now when the fish inhale the bait the Kayle style is a much better choice and you will land a higher percentage of fish. The reason is on the Kayle style is the eye of the hook pulls directly to the point. I’ve found through trial and error that the Eagle Claw “Black Kayle” is the best for crank baits it’s sharp and won’t bens out on a big bass