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River System Topwater Fishing


A lot of myths are commonly associated with topwater fishing. We’ve all heard that the technique is just something you do in early morning or late afternoon hours. Or they only work in the spring or fall. Or that, because of increasing fishing pressure, bass simply aren’t fooled by topwaters like they once were. Forget these myths.

A topwater can pay off for you if you give it the chance and put the typical misconceptions out of your mind. Topwater baits can be dynamite during all hours of the day and are more versatile than most realize. I agree that early, late, spring, and fall are the prime times for the surface lure. But anglers who believe this is the only time are really limiting their ability to catch bass.

Rivers are excellent for topwater fishing because in this swift environment bass live in less than 5 feet of water. When fishing current with a topwater plug there are a few things to think about. The position of the fish and the angle in which the current will move your bait. Always through 3 feet or farther past your target, so you won’t spook the fish, and move the bait with the current as close to the target as possible. Lures of choice are the Zara Spook Jr., Spitting Image, Cotton Cordell’s Crazy Shad, and the Tiny Torpedo.

So the next time you’re on a river system and the bite is slow, tie on that old topwater plug. You’ll be surprised.