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Spinnerbait presentation


There are times when I want to specialize my spinnerbait presentation in a way that isn’t very popular. I like to go shallow and slow. The way I see it, a bass sees dozens of spinnerbaits fly by his face, “ticking the tops of the weeds”, looking for the reaction strike in the course of his life. I want my bait to crawl by making a lot of noise to show him something different. I take a light bait on a big frame, preferably a single spin and put the biggest colorado blade on that it can work with. Go too big and the blade flips the spinner over, too small doesn’t do what I want it to. I tie this to some heavy mono in the #20 to #25 pound range on a 6’6” or 7’ Medium Heavy rod. Cast it shallow, and keep that rod tip high on the retrieve. You are now running a bait in a foot of water at half the normal speed and making a hell of a lot of noise with it at the same time. One thing I have found is that fish will attack this presentation like it hasn’t eaten in months or it will just nibble the end of the skirt as though it were trying to pick the lures pocket. So I always use a trailer hook with this technique and most of the time I use 2 trailer hooks. If I see this shallow running bait moving side ways, I set the hook and I’m in