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Take A Time Out


When you are fishing and simply can not catch any bass, try giving yourself a five minute time out. Often, we get caught up in making good casts to good looking spots and become too mechanical. Sit down and don’t cast for a few minutes. Take a break, drink a warm or cold beverage and eat a snack. Look around you, see if there are any tell-tale signs of surface activity, if not, the fish are probably not feeding on or near the surface. What is the wildlife doing, are their numerous birds flying around and singing. This can aften be a sign as to good or poor fishing. If there is a lot of wildlife activity then the fish are most likely actiove as well. Maybe you’ve been dragging a worm rig when you should have been ripping a crankbait. If there is little or no activity, maybe you’re fishing too fast and need to alter your retreive. How is the water color? Are you using a color combination condusive to that water color? Maybe a color change is all that’s needed. Try larger or smaller lures, speed up, slow down, make some adjustments. Now get off your duff and catch those bass. Good luck!