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Triple Surgeons Knot


Tired of fumbling with a blood knot when putting new line on your bass fishing reel? Use a triple surgeons knot instead. Pull about thirty inches of line off the spool of new line and tape the spool so it can’t release any more line. Pull about thirty inches off the reel and lay them on top of each other, with the reel at one end and the spool at the other. Now tie an over hand knot with the two pieces, passing the spool of new line through the center. (An over hand knot is the first knot you tie when tying your shoe lace) Pass the spool and reel tag end 6″ through the center two more times. Wet the knot, while pulling the ends apart to tighten the knot. It will give you about 85% of the line strength and is easier to tie. And honestly when was the last time you heard of anybody getting stripped to the knot while bass fishing