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What The Other Animals Are Doing


When I’m working a small backwater or stream, I scan the shore to see what the other animals are doing. Are the herons feeding, are they moving slowly or are they running after schools of minnows? Are they right at the edge or in water up to their bellies? What I’m trying to ascertain is whether or not I have large amounts of bait in this portion of water and if the bait is tight to the bank or out off it. I’ll try to notice if the stumps I’m catching fish on had turtles or snakes sunning themselves or did I only catch fish off the ones that were empty. These turtles and snakes are predators too and they like to stay near a good food supply. Keep your eyes open while you fish, nature is talking to you. Notice how birds feed heavily before a storm, well fish do it too. If I see a lot of feeding activity in my yard, I run for my fishing rod because the lake is doing the same thing. Look around and hear what the noise is about.