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2Handee Product Review – 1


2Handee Fisherman’s Utility Tool

I began the test by purposely dulling the point of one of my hooks on a rock. I stroked the dulled hook point through the sharpening grove on the side of the sharpening stone six or seven times. On the last few strokes I put just a little pressure to the sides of the grove alternating left and right.

2Handee Sharpening StoneTaking the freshly pointed hook for a test drag across my fingernail, it stuck immediately… OK the sharpening stone is trick for hooks. The hook sharpness was excellent, just like a new one.

Then I tested out the clipper. It has a nice rubber no slip sleeve on the lever and the sharpening stone acts as a no slip surface on the other side. A feature that is sure to keep this puppy from being dropped overboard in the heat of battle. The blades on the clipper were super sharp and it cut through knots and heavy mono like a hot knife going through butter.

We all know how few lures come out of the box running true and the 2-Handee also has two notches on the clipper handle that function nicely as a “lure tuning” tool. I tried this out on one of my “LOST CHILDREN” lures and had it running straight again in just a few runs.

Also, on the front of the handle is a nice point with recessed sides that functions well as a jig eye/hook eye cleaner. When you use the leverage of the side notches on the handle with the recesses next to this point the clipper lever also functions as a very effective hook disgorger.

The knife blade was also super sharp and did a fine job of trimming worms, cutting line and would also come in handy for trimming jig skirts. Half of the blade toward the handle has a serrated edge, another nice touch. I wish the blade had a locking mechanism but most knives of this size don’t, so ya can’t have everything.

There was one thing that I thought should be changed about the design of this tool. The sharpening stone is secured on the back by a bracket that is held in place by a small Phillips screw. If the blade of this tool needed to be sharpened the stone would have to be removed and an additional tool, a Phillips screwdriver, would be need for that. Plus the small screw could be easily lost.

A spring clip of some sort to hold the removable stone in place would be cool.
2Handee Multi Function

Overall construction: 10
Overall Design: 9
Functionality: 10
Comfort: 10
Weight: 10
Price: 9
Packaging: 8
Overall Product Rating (1 – 10): 9.42

Bottom line on the 2-Handee Tool, it did everything the packaging said it would do extremely well and certainly does earn its name.

The way it repointed hooks was very impressive and with the cost of quality hooks these days, you could save the $14.95 retail price of this item in no time for that feature alone. If this tool were a car I would call it a Lincoln Town Car.

My daughter Haley helped me out with the photos for this test. Her mini review was, “This is pretty cool dad. Does it come in pink?”

Product Discontinued