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Boating Safety


This is something that is too often taking for granted.  Just because we all have been driving boats since we were so small we had to sit in our dads laps to reach the steering wheel, we feel we know how to handle our boats. But we owe it to our families and co anglers to be as safe as possible and know the rules.  Each year there a numerous accidents that happen on the water that could be avoided if everyone just knew a few simple rules.  Sign up to take a boating safety course, they are usually provided by the Coast Guard at no charge or for a minimal fee. They not only will go over the rules of the water, but will show you what safety equipment you are required to carry in your boat.  A few hours of prevention can save your life or the life of the passengers in your boat.  Don’t take if for granted that the people in the other boats know the rules, you know them and execute if the need arises.