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Dress For Winter


If you’re not properly prepared to be out on the water or ice during the winter, you’re asking for trouble. Here’s some basic tips that you need to keep in mind.

  • a) Dress in layers, pack an extra set of dry clothes to leave in the car and bring a couple of hand towels.
    b) You want moisture to be pulled away from your body when you sweat, so choose wicking materials
            – Base Layer tight to your skin and should draw moisture away
            – Second Layer Also should be wicking, but opt for a long sleeve tee shirt
            – Third Layer should be for warmth, fleece is one of the best choices available
            – Outer Layer (Typically your jacket) should be breathable, but water resistant. Skiing and Hunting gear work great. Make sure it has a hood and plenty of pockets… especially ones to put your hands into.
    c) In the winter, it’s “feet first”. This is not the time of year for your boat shoes or sneakers… you want to be wearing insulated, water proof and wind resistance boots. A thin wicking sock that will draw moisture away from your feet covered by a second cotton/wool sock is a great option.
    d) My favorite gloves are micro fleece fingerless that have pull over mittens attached to cover your fingers. I always keep a second pair of heavy water proof snow gloves in my boat and/or ice sled. Hand warming packets are nice to have to make things more comfortable under more extreme conditions.
    e) Do you think a hat might be a good idea? Also it’s really nice to have a face mask to cover your entire face. Under Armor’s Head Gear is pretty good stuff.
    f) Sunglasses to protect your eyes from snow on bright days.