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Fenwick HMG Spinning Rod Review – Kevin


Testing Conditions:

I fished on a section of the Tennessee River targeting largemouth and smallmouth bass.  Weather was stable and very hot.  I fished this rod with Team Daiwa 2500 spinning reel, 6lb line and a ¼ ounce finesse jig with a crawfish trailer.

This rod has a nice casting action.  The tip loads nicely and I found it easy to cast accurately.

This rod’s Carbon Veil fiber blank has good sensitivity for its price range and with the addition of Fuji Alconite guides the overall sensitivity is better.

The rod was very stable and had plenty of “backbone” while fighting fish.  As for the power of the rod it leans a bit more to the medium side than a true med-heavy power rod.

Like the Triggerstick, this rod seems very well made and stood up to my abuse out on the water.  Only time will tell how long it will last, although I’m confident it will hold its quality for many years to come.

It has the TAC material instead of cork, which performed flawlessly during my test.  As on the Triggerstik model, I felt the rod was a bit heavy in weight.  The tip seemed a little slower than fast, more like you’d find on a moderate taper.   On the water the rod felt well balanced and fit great in my hand.  The TAC grip stayed dry and allowed me to have great hand/grip contact even in the high humidity

I can see this rod working as a good multipurpose rod for smaller plastics and lighter jigs.  I enjoyed fishing with this rod and found it to be a very capable everyday workhorse rod.

Overall Thoughts:
Fenwick Rods has done a fantastic job of providing fisherman great choices of rods any serious angler can choose from and not be disappointed.  I recommend everyone to take a look at Fenwick before they make their final decision to buy a rod.  From the TAC material and Fuji components you will find the HMG great performing rods that will quickly become your “favorite” or “go to” rods.


Construction/Quality 8.00
Performance 8.00
Price 8.00
Features 7.00
Design/Comfort 8.00
Application 7.00

Total Score 7.67