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Fenwick HMG Triggerstik GT70MH-F Review


Fenwick HMG Triggerstik GT70MH-F Specifications
Type Triggerstik
Length 7’0
Line Weight 10-25 lb
Lure Weight 3/8 – 11/2oz
Guides Fuji Alconite
Power Medium Heavy
Tip Action Fast
MSRP $109.95

First Impressions

Fenwick HMG Series Our Prostaff members were impressed with the TAC material on the handle.  It was noted that the fore-grip was longer than most would prefer.  Also, the overall weight of the rod seemed a bit heavier than most preferred for a medium-heavy power.  The general consensus was that the rod has a nice looking design from butt to tip accented by the Fuji Alconite guides, glossy black blank and TAC handle.

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Our Bassin’ USA Prostaff members tested out Fenwick’s HMG Triggerstik GT70MH-F rod in very different conditions.  The rod was paired up with Shimano Calcutta 250, Shimano Chornarch, and Enigma Baitcaster.  Line used was 50lb braid, 25lb McCoy Mean Green mono, and 12lb Berkley Gold Flourocarbon.  Lure types consisted of scum frog, jigs, swimbaits and crankbaits.  Weather conditions varied from extremely hot to low 40’s.

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Casting with the Fenwick’s HMG Triggerstik GT70MH-F rod was smooth and accurate.   With the tip being a bit on the softer side it made it easier to cast.  Generally speaking and when compared to other rods of similar power and action, this rod casts very well.  The line flows through the Fuji Alconite rods with ease making for accurate presentations.


For a rod in this price range, Fenwick’s HMG Triggerstik GT70MH-F is pretty right on when it comes to sensitivity.  Some of our Prostaffers found this rod to be a little more sensitive than others. You can feel bottom cover as well as detect strikes from bass without a problem.  The Fuji guides definitely contribute to the sensitivity of the rod.


Our Prostaff members pretty much all agreed that this rod (like the 6’ 6” spinning HMG) was underpowered for a true medium-heavy power, fast action rod.  The good news is that Fenwick’s blanks are consistent between their own product line.  So if you want more backbone from either rod, the answer could be as simple as moving up step in power, in this case to a heavy power fast action.  But be advised that to our knowledge Fenwick does not make a 7’ Heavy Action HMG rod, so you would need to look at their 7’ 6” Flippin’ Stick (X-Heavy Power).


We’ve said it before in other reviews for Fenwick rods, they make a quality, durable rod.  The HMG Triggerstik GT70MH-F is no different


The HMG is well designed, good looking and general a comfortable rod to fish with.  For the price, it is comparable to other rods of similar value.  The choice of TAC material over cork was on the butt section of these rods certainly adds some additional value and warrants mention.  Everyone like it’s look feel and ability to keep the rod in your hand in wet conditions.


We had Prostaff members try this rod with just about everything from topwater and crankbaits to spinnerbaits and swimbaits.  We like to call it a good “all purpose rod” although the tip was a bit lit for jig fishing.


BASSIN’ USA.com thinks this is an above average quality rod, and our two favorite things are the Fuji guides and the TAC grip.  Generally speaking this rod will serve anyone well who is on a budget and takes the time to choose the correct power for their personal preference.
Overall Ratings
Construction/Quality 8.00
Performance 7.75
Price 8.25
Features 7.50
Design/Comfort 7.25
Application 7.75
Total Score 7.80