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Gene Larew Soft Plastic Baits Product Review – 3


4-inch Tube Worm

4-inch Tube WormColor: Watermelon Neon and Green Pumpkin

It was a clear, breezy day in mid June. I was on a very clear lake, and water temperature was in the mid 60’s. The fish had recently completed the spawn. It was a tough bite, to say the least. In these conditions, I find down sizing, lighter line, and finesse type approaches are best for me. My usual finesse arsenal would include a tube and a French fry. In the Gene Larew Tube worm, I found both, plus two other advantages.

I have long believed that in a tough bite, bass will hold onto a ribbed worm longer, because on more natural unique feel. And, as those of us here in Minnesota have been discovering over the last couple years, Garlic is hot! As a chef, you’d think I would have figured this out a little sooner. In all my years of cooking, I can’t say I can remember to many times anyone said skip the garlic – why would a bass?

Anyway, I used the tube in the same way I would have used a fry or tube. I rigged it weightless, on a HP hook, and skipped it up under docks and boatlifts, with great success. While I didn’t catch the usual size fish I hope for around docks, I had plenty of action. I am convinced that the ribs, along with garlic, were big contributors to my success.

I fished the Watermelon neon on the sunny side of the lake, and the green pumpkin in more shaded areas. I like the sparkle of the watermelon with its red flecks in the sun. I also fished both baits out on the deeper weed lines, on a light mushroom head jig. This a very popular approach in Minnesota‚Äôs, and I am surprised it isn’t used more through out the country.

I used a 1/16th ounce Gopher jig, and flipped the tubeworms in and around stands of cabbage in 12′ – 16′ of water. On this, unfortunately, I only picked up a couple small fish, but as can be the case, plenty small Northern Pike where around too keep me busy – sometimes by unhooking and releasing them, and many times by clipping off my line with sharp teeth and forcing me to re-tie. I plan to keep a supply of these 4″ tubeworms on hand for shallow finesse situations in the future. They are one more item to add to my arsenal and one more way to enjoy the pleasures of Garlic. Bam!… learn more

David Ramlow