Gene Larew

Gene Larew Soft Plastic Baits Product Review – 7

The Tube Worm

Tube WormWhether Texas rigged, Carolina Rigged, or the new craze drop shotting, this bait will be catching some big uns for years to come. One of my favorite ways to fish the Tube Worm is like a jerkbait. Rigged on a med action rod, 14# test and Texas rig this killer with no weight, I’ll throw it around grass beds and lay downs. With the tapered body, this bait has some tremendous action and the tentacles will flare out when stopped, producing some explosive strikes.

The Tube Worm comes in two sizes, 4″ & 6″, and 10 different fish catching colors.
I’m sure they’ll have just what you’re looking for …learn more

Brian Ritchie