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Daiwa Advantage 2500A Reel Review


That is the first thing that came to mind when I opened the package and found the Team Daiwa Advantage 2500A. Being from Texas the use of a spinning rod was never a tool I used that often unless I was crappie fishing. Then I discovered Split Shotting and the now famous Drop Shot. Even though these techniques were very useful in catching bass in tournaments, I never gave much thought to the reels that I used. I bought what ever was cheapest and did the job I wanted it to do.

Team Daiwa Advantage 2500A Reel
Team Daiwa Advantage 2500A Reel Review: “What’s in a Name?”

What is Digigear? Hardbodyz? CRBB? All these names were printed on the box that the reel came in. Time to do a little research? I do know from the moment I pulled the reel out of the box it was one of the smoothest spinning reel I had ever had in my hands! Also one of the best looks with its aluminum body, chrome accents and red stripes. It’s a real eye catcher.

This reel is all metal! No graphite or plastic on this reel, unlike others that I have owned. This is where the term “Hardbodyz” came from. The all metal body of the reel has no flex and all the gears stay aligned for the best performance and power. I also noticed that there was no clicking or ticking when the reel was put under pressure, just smooth quiet performance. The “Digigear” also plays a big part.. Digitally making the gears provides for the best alignment and performance of all the internal parts that make the reel great!

Six ball bearings make this reel spin longer than any spinning reel I have ever played with in stores. You know the spin test I’m talking about? You grab the handle, crank it just as hard as you can and let go to see how long it will keep spinning on its own! Two of the bearings that are not sealed inside the body are the “CRBB” (Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings), these make the reel last a lot longer. It also makes the reel “Washable” (another catch phrase on the box) because everything is sealed and you can wash dirt and grim right off with out worrying it will mess everything up.

DigigearAfter researching all the different terminology used on the box, and playing with the reel to see if I could tear, it up it came time to fish with it! Believe me this was just as exciting as opening the package! I paired the reel with a 7’ Med. Action Berkley Lighting Rod. (which was the only spinning rod I owned); spooled the reel with 8lb Berkley XL line, and I started fishing a split shot rig with a Zoom watermelon red centipede hoping to catch a few bass in the heat of the day. The reel performed flawlessly! No loops, no birds nests, no nothing! Thanks to the “ABS” spool (Anti Backlash Spool), loops are going to be a thing of the past!

CRBBAfter a few non-keeper fish, the 104 degree temperatures started to have an effect on me, so I moved to the shade of the bridges. Time for a little crappie fishing! Included with the reel is an extra spool, not just a graphite or plastic spool as with other reels, this was the same identical spool as what was on the reel! I was also supplied with some fluorocarbon line to try out with this reel. Daiwa Steez 6lb Fluorocarbon line with the new “Parallel Winding”, this keeps the line from denting itself or kinking when you put it on the reel. The line has a green tint which comes in really handy fishing the greenish water that I fish.

Now I have fished Fluorocarbon leader material before but never just as the main line! I must say I was impressed with this line! Very impressed! I had read nightmarish stories about trying to cast fluorocarbon lines, however for me, none of them were true. Was it the line or the reel? I like to think it was both!

I proceeded to catch crappie after crappie, not many keepers but I was catching crappie on almost every cast. One of the best days of crappie fishing I had in a long time. Since most of them were small I decided to try a different bridge and on my first cast I hung something big! The drag screamed and the rod bent double, I knew that this was the test I was looking for with the reel! The drag performed beautifully! The line held and I netted a 6lb-Stripped Bass! What a fight! Unfortunately, the batteries in my camera were dead so my practice of “CPR” (Catch, Photo, and Release) turned into just “C&R”, but what a great way to put the reel to the test!
DaiwaI feel that the fish would have been lost had I not had the “Advantage” over that fish. So if you want the “Advantage” on your next fishing trip you owe it to yourself to try the Team Daiwa Advantage 2500A. Put the “Advantage” in your favor… learn more

Conley Staley