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Boat Trailer Off The Deep End


Here’s a simple and effective way to get your trailer back on the ramp once you’ve backed it off the end. First unload your boat if it is still on the trailer. Ask someone to operate your vehicle and explain the following procedure to them before you start. Be sure to tell them you only need to move a couple of feet or so and do it slowly. Take your anchor out and approach the submerged trailer from the rear. Drop the anchor over the rear frame between the inside of the rear frame and the rear axle. Let the anchor sink and then pull it slowly to you until the rope slides up the frame. Once you feel the weight of the anchor, try to work it as close to the center of the trailer as possible and lift the anchor until you feel it catch on the frame. Tell the vehicle operator to move forward slowly as you lift straight up with the anchor rope. The tires on the trailer will provide floatation and you should be able to lift the trailer high enough to clear the frame and allow the driver to pull it back on the ramp. Remove the anchor, park the vehicle and go fishing. A mushroom anchor will not work without a lot of effort. A Chene or Navy anchor work best