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Don’t Be Caught Dead On The Water


Night before the big tournament, you have changed your line, tied on all your baits, sharpened all your hooks and charged all your batteries. Or did you? Most all the newer boats on the market today come with a on board battery charger. With most of the trolling motors on the water today being 24 volts and the on board chargers being in the 2 bank version, 3 and 4 bank chargers are available, most people forget about their starting battery. While your outboard does a good job in keeping your starting battery charged while running, there is those times when you’ll be on one spot for several hours without starting your outboard. With both aerators going and your graphs this can run a battery down pretty quick. Always charge your starting battery before your tournaments. Just in case you get that clicking sound keep a pair of jumper cables or a rechargeable power source like the Jumper 1000 by Century in the boat. Maybe you won’t be caught “Dead on the Water”.