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Pocket Knocker – An Inexpensive Lure Retriever Is Better


Most anglers that have ever fished a crankbait have experienced the aggravation of loosing that “special” bait that seemed to out fish all others. Commercial lure retrievers, while effective, are cumbersome to use and more frequently left in the boat storage box than used to dislodge a lure. One of the most effective lure retrievers I have ever used is a simple, inexpensive devise known locally as a “pocket knocker”. It is made by taking a “bell type” lead weight (1/2 to 1oz.) with a swivel molded in and attaching the small end of a “snap” to the swivel. You now have a “pocket knocker”. The next time you snag a lure, (of any kind), simply lock the larger part of the snap on your line and drop it down to the lure. A simple “jiggle” will dislodge the lure 95% of the time. If it does not, use your traditional retriever to save both lure and knocker