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Reel Maintenance


We all take pretty good care of our tow vehicles, from oil changes to checking the tires. So why do so many forget about their reels? With the cost of a good quality reel today you better take care of them. Here are a few simple steps to insure optimum performance. At least once a year you should disassemble your reel for a thorough cleaning. Checking for wear and any damaged parts. Remove dirt, grit, and any old grease and oil. Using a silicone base oil and a marine grease apply these to specific parts of the reel. I personal use more grease than oil, seems to cause less friction. Make sure all screws are tightened and when you store your reel for an extended period of time always back of the drag to help prolong the life of your drag washers. Or you can find a good service man to do the job for you, for less than 15 dollars they will generally perform the maintenance, a small price for the life of a quality reel.