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Summer Smallmouth Bass [VIDEO]

Locating Smallmouth Bass around structure is a key for summertime fishing, but don’t overlook those fish that are lurking in open water around major structures like humps and points.  In this video, Brendan C. shows you a different way to approach bass around open water structure.

5 Topwater Baits for Summer

Topwater Tips Walking the Dog [VIDEO]

Crankbait Fishing TIps

Top 10 Crankbait Bass Fishing Tips

Here’s a simple to follow 10 step guide to understanding crankbaits for bass. Let’s face it, when it comes to crankbaits, there are a lot of variables. So, we’ve layed out the 10 most important tips you need to understand to become a better crankbait fisherman.


Top 20 Bass Fishing Tips by Season

Night Time Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing Tips Videos

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