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Troll Perfect Review


About Troll Perfect

Their patented device clamps over the motor shaft swivel bearing and allows you to easily adjust the tension on your cable steering. By allowing this precision control of your trolling motor, you can instantly adapt to any condition on the water. – Perfect Outdoor Products

Based on the reviews, the overall consensus is that the Troll Perfect is very easy to install.  The instructions are on the website and are very easy to follow.  It doesn’t require any fancy tools, all you need is either a 5/16 nut driver, a flat blade screwdriver or a coin.  It will take about 10 minutes to install.  The Troll Perfect is a 2 piece high impact polymer device that attaches to your trolling where the stationary upper shaft meets and the rotating lower shaft. You attach the pieces on each side of the shaft by using the two stainless steel hose clamps that are included. Place the first clamp in the top groove on Troll Perfect and tighten the clamp until snug making sure it cannot rotate. Place the second clamp in the lower groove and tighten until desired amount of tension is achieved.
troll perfect combo

Performance & Comfort
If you are an angler that’s out on the water for long periods of time, especially in tournaments, this is a must-have product.  The troll perfect was tested out in different conditions, from calm waters and no winds to harsh weather conditions with strong currents.  It really helped keep the motor stabilized and the trolling motor was a lot more responsive due to the lack of looseness in the pedal.  After several hours on the water, there was much less fatigue amongst our reviewers.

Individual Detailed Prostaff Team Reviews:

Overall Ratings

Design: 9.75
Performance: 9.5
Installation: 10
Comfort: 9.5
Durability: 9.25
Price: 10


Whether you are out on the water for an hour or you’re participating in a 3-day tournament, the Troll Perfect will most definitely take some of the pain out of keeping your trolling motor stabilized.  Fighting the side to side torque steering will be a thing of the past and you will be less fatigued.  Anything that can help you concentrate more on fishing is welcome on any angler’s boat.