Fishing Tackle

Braided VS Mono

For those of you who suddenly feel as though you’ve come under a full-on advertising assault of the senses, regarding whether braided style or monofilament line is the right choice, you need not feel alone. I empathize!

Seasonal Fishing

Springtime Bass Fishing

Spring is upon us and my fingers are itching to get bass fishing! Generally bass will begin their annual movement towards the shoreline in preparation for feeding and bedding within the first few weeks following ice out (for those who live in areas where your lakes and ponds freeze over the winter). Males will bite more readily close to the shoreline, however the larger females will hold back, usually at the first or second drop-off. This annual ritual is probably the best time to catch that lunker fish you have dreamed about.

Approaching New Water

Approaching New Water

For those of you who regularly travel to new water to bass fish, or participate in tournaments that frequently bring you to unfamiliar impoundments, you are probably familiar with the overwhelming feeling of; “what do I do now?” Well, to offer some consolation, there are several steps you can take to combat this all to familiar problem, many of which are much easier than one might anticipate. First of all, quite possibly some of the most important steps you can take to prepare for new water, can be taken days or weeks in advance to physically traveling to your new destination. I consider these steps a form of “bassin’ reconnaissance”, that will, if done correctly, eliminate a whole lot of unproductive water.