May 8, 2020

Reading Water

Whenever I fish a new body of water I always try to learn as much as possible about the surrounding area. In this article I will try to give some insight into how to categorize different types of water and their characteristics, we will look at rivers, both tidal, and single current, lakes, manmade, and natural, and hopefully give you the keys to reading and really learning the water you fish.
May 8, 2020

Where Ya Puttin In

Last evening, my oldest daughter, Megan, and I went to a friend's boathouse on Richland-Chambers reservoir to try and catch a few crappie. We didn't catch a bunch of fish, but we got a few. More importantly, we got to spend some quality time together.
March 2, 2016

Tips For Boating with Your Pets

I don’t know about you, but my favorite fishing buddy is my dog.  He keeps my secret fishing spots “secret” and he never cast over me... ever!  Let’s face it, our pets are family and no wants to leave them home alone.  That being said, not all pets enjoy boats and the water.