Bass Fishing Tackle Tips

Trailer Hooks

When using a buzz bait or spinner bait, I will add a trailer hook to increase my hook-up percentage. This will help in catching those fish that only “slap” at your bait. Try placing your trailer hook upside down or add a treble hook. This tip is only good if you’re fishing in open water Read More…

Bass Fishing Tackle Tips

Finicky Bass

¬†¬†Next time your having trouble getting those picky bass to bite your spinnerbait, try changing one or both of the blades to black nickle. This is a great way to give the fish a little something different to look at without drasticly changing the look of your lure. It is especially effective in clear water Read More…

Bass Fishing Tackle Tips

Spinnerbaits and Trailer Hooks

When using a trailer hook on your spinnerbait (and you should most always use one), it is important to put something behind your trailer hook to keep it from sliding off. Surgical tubing works but tends to keep the trailer hook “rigid”. One of the simplest ideas I have ever come across is to take Read More…

Bass Fishing Tackle Tips

Spinner Baits

My favorite bait would have to be the spinner bait. A spinner bait can be used in several different ways according to the speed you use and the way you hold your rod. I can speed up the bait for top water fishing or slow it down for deeper fishing. My favorite color is the Read More…

Seasonal Fishing

It’s Fall and I’m Happy

That first cast a smooth underhand pitch with a Pumpkin “Big Jig” and a brown grub trailer. The bait slides into the water with hardly a splash, slides down the old log, and “TIC” the line jumps and bait swims to the side you set hard and a fat 5lb bass fish breaks water “what a feeling”.

You knew he’d be there, that nice piece of wood on the point next to the creek channel. You continue up the creek channel crankin’ a shallow Speed Trap not twenty yard and another bass, then another and about five fish later you’re at the back of the cove.

Tactics & Techniques

Shallow & Slow

There are times when I want to specialize my spinnerbait presentation in a way that isn’t very popular. I like to go shallow and slow. The way I see it, a bass sees dozens of spinnerbaits fly by his face, “ticking the tops of the weeds”, looking for the reaction strike in the course of his life. I want my bait to crawl by making a lot of noise to show him something different.