Blakemore Lures

March 23, 2011

Blakemore Lures Product Review 2

Rock'N Runner


Kevin Springer

"The Blakemore Rock’N Runner takes chatterbait fishing to a whole new level. "

It has the traditional “RoadRunner” head and the standard chatterbait blade but they have added a small willow spin blade on the bottom of the bait. It also comes standard with a “Bleeding Bait Hook”. I received the 3/8 ounce version in Chartreuse color.

March 21, 2011

Blakemore Lures Product Review 1

 Rock'n Runner

George Cawthorn

Location: Castaic Lagoon, California

When I opened up my test product package from BassinUSA I saw the Blakemore Rock’n-Runner for the first time and thought, “What’s this bad boy gonna be able to do up at Castaic?” The packaging was very average and contained no extras.