Gene Larew Soft Plastic Baits Product Review – 2

Gene LarewI was delighted when Bassin USA asked me to do a product review on Gene Larews products. First, let me assure you I have tested hundreds of products from various companies, some have not met my expectations while others have blown me away. I always give a fair and impartial review of any product. I NEVER test products in local farm ponds or any other private waters. All my testing is done in waters open to the public, under the same conditions potential users would face. I do not wait for the perfect conditions, in fact, I try to test products under good and extreme fishing situations.

Gene Larew Soft Plastic Baits Product Review – 1

Gene LarewProducts: Baby Mega Ring Shad, Floating Series Finesse Craw

When first looking at Gene Larew's Baby Mega Ring Shad it presented a challenge on how to rig it. The lure looked like it was going to have possibilities, but it was uncertain as to what the best approach would be to unlock the full fish catching potential.