Bass Fishing Tackle Tips

Tube baits

As we all know, tube baits are excellent lure for both largemouth and smallmouth bass. You can improve the lure with one simple modification. Most manufacturers put too many “tentacles” on the bait, prohibiting them from their full range of motion. When you take it out of the package, remove 6-8 tentacles from the bait, Read More…

Bass Fishing Tackle Tips

Different Shaped Tube Heads

All anglers should carry different styles of tube heads for their tube baits when bass fishing. Each style of tube head falls a little bit different through the water column. On different days fish want your bait to fall different ways, so always be prepared for any condition you may face. Also, make sure you Read More…

Fishing Tackle

Rigging Tube Baits

Gitzits or tube baits, as they are more commonly known, are without doubt the strangest looking lure ever invented.  A truly perfect lure that can be used for flipping, pitching, Carolina rigging, Texas rigging and the list goes on.  The Gitzit was invented by Bobby Garland and was made available to the public in 1964.