Seasonal Fishing

Fall Back Lunker Bass

Bass fishing in the fall provides some of the best fishing of the year for both numbers and size.  If you ask any seasoned angler when the best time to connect with a true giant, many will tell you either during the pre-spawn phase, or in the late fall (depending on where they are located).  I say late fall because that’s when bass will have gorged themselves in preparation for the upcoming winter, but there’s also another reason which I will explain later in this article.

Tactics & Techniques

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

Time and time again, I have watched fishermen approach the bank moving from one piece of cover to the next.  They rarely attempt a cast into the middle or even approach a prime piece of cover, perhaps making a few casts around the outside edge, and occasionally take a fish.  They never even make one cast into the very back of the cover.  Why…? “For fear they will lose a lure, or worse, lose a big fish.”  Stop for a second and read that sentence again…  I would bet my favorite flippin’ stick that you’ve heard people say that before.  Heck, I’d bet that you may have even said it yourself.