Dan McGarry




I started Bassfishing at age 9 on the South Carolina home of my Aunt in Summerton South Carolina.  During those years most of my fishing was done wading on the waters of Santee Cooper, mainly Lake Marion and other small waters in the area.  I would fish from shore walking and wading almost every weekend and any day I could.  I would try to target Bass but would fish for and catch almost any thing I could catch, including a 55 pound Blue Cat fish, Crappies, Bream and many 20 pound Carp.

In 1973 I started fishing Greenwood Lake in New Jersey with the same Techniques I had been using in South Carolina and having moderate success.  During the following years Bassfishing was still new to this area although the BASS explosion was occurring I still was not aware of it.  At this time I would read “FISHING FACTS” and many other publications.  I learned by fishing and reading Buck Perry and Dave Hawk, and following what was the original BASS tour.  I fished every minute trying all the new methods and began trying to understand the seasonal patterns.

In 1982 I returned to South Carolina and fished a couple of local events and finished in the top 50 out of 200 fellow competitors, I was still not hooked on Tournament fishing.  Sometime after that I started fishing Redman events and joined the Bassfishing club I belong to now, Long Island Bassmasters. I fish an average of 40 days a year and will fish 20 Tournaments on average every year.  I also do various seminars and instructional guide trips every year.  I enjoy sharing information, learning and helping other Bassfishermen regardless of experience in this great sport.