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Growing up on Long Island, the founders of Bassin’ USA had exposure to all types of fishing. Long Island provides access to both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Obtaining information related to fishing was limited to the advice of friends and the local tackle shop.

With the rise of the Internet, many fishing related Websites surfaced to expand the knowledgebase of the fishing community and make it available to the public. Although there are thousands of fishing Websites, most lack the infrastructure to support the growing population of registered fishermen, which has exceeded 34 million. Golf and tennis enthusiasts combined do not exceed the number of fishermen in America today.

In 1997, discussions began for the creation of a fishing related Website solely dedicated to freshwater Bass fishermen. After two long years of planning, the right people, and a lot of research, Bassin’ USA.com was launched.

With the vast complexities of an Internet driven market place, finding accurate and detailed information related to Bass fishing had become cumbersome at best. By integrating all facets of this $60 billion dollar industry, Bassin’ USA is building the world’s l[argest online Bass fishing resource and community to preserve and further the sport of Bass fishing.

Each year more and more people get online and inquire about this great sport of ours and the online knowledge base just keeps getting better. We are proud to be one of bass fishing’s internet pioneers.

Bassin’ USA delivers Internet driven bass fishing resources and services. Our staff provides a tremendous team understanding of the needs of the bass fishing community, gained from hands on experience in technology and the fishing industry.

Our company can be characterized as an interactive service provider, designed by fishermen, for fishermen.



“To provide every fisherman with easy access to detailed bass fishing resources anywhere in the United States of America.”




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Virgil Ward

Dan McGarry

Dan Galusha


Fishing Hall Of Fame Inductee
Inducted for 2012 Legendary Communicator

In 1973 Dan Galusha, who had been fishing since he was 3 years old, wanted to enter the sport fishing industry on a career level, but was unsure how to start. He wrote to the top fishing personality of the time, Virgil Ward. Virgil answered by telling him to look at becoming a tackle representative, or writing for outdoor publications.

Don House


43 years old. Married for 23 years to Julie, with two daughters Abby and Katie both of his girls in college.

Don grew up in South Kansas City and was very involved in the outdoors at an early age. He began in the cub scouts and worked his way into the Boy Scouts and went all the way to Eagle Scout along with his two older brothers. Don’s parents thought it would better to keep their boys active in outdoor activities and out of trouble.

Marques Green


Marques has grown up in the fishing industry all his life , now at the young age of 27 he is credited as one of the most knowledgeable young anglers in the Chicagoland area! Marques has worked seminars both big and small all over the area!

This young gun angler averages over 100 days on the water fishing the entire State of Illinois and the Great Lakes Region. Marques has also made a name for himself in the tournament ranks! A 4 year pro on the WAL-MART BFL (Great Lakes Division), as well as many other State and Regional Circuits.

Ray Scully


Ray Scully is a member of the Bassin’ USA “Young men over 50 club”. He is married with three children and is a grandfather. He has been fishing for over 48 years, both fresh and salt water.

He is the owner of a delivery business, “Paramount Delivery Service”, and a small lure Manufacturing Co., “Performance Products” maker of the "Three Bladed" spinnerbait and "The Viper".

Brendan Cucinello


Born and raised on the shores of Long Island, New York, Brendan Cucinello grew up saltwater fishing with his father Albert, a passionate fisherman. At the age of 16, he became interested in freshwater bass fishing. In 1996, he joined the Long Island Bassmasters and started competing in local bass fishing tournaments.

Since then, he has claimed over 70 first place finishes in club and regional open bass fishing tournaments. Beyond his many wins, he holds several local records and countless top ten finishes.