Here you will find quick “how to” tackle tips for anglers and bass fishing enthusiasts.


Bass Fishing Tackle Tips

Different Shaped Tube Heads

All anglers should carry different styles of tube heads for their tube baits when bass fishing. Each style of tube head falls a little bit different through the water column. On different days fish want your bait to fall different ways, so always be prepared for any condition you may face. Also, make sure you Read More…

Bass Fishing Tackle Tips

Spider Jigs

When other competitors are using rubber skirted jig and pigs, I like to show the bass something different by using a pumpkin spider jig. I can go behind another competitor in used water and pick up bass that were missed.

Bass Fishing Tackle Tips

Trim a Little

 Having a hard time getting bit on your plastic worms? Try downsizing your presentation by trimming the length of your worms a little. Sometimes a half inch trimmed off the head end of the worm is all it takes to get that first bite.  Have fun bass fishing!