Want to learn the latest bass fishing tips and techniques?  Well you’ve come to the right place.  Check out these great how to fishing tips from our team of bass fishing pros.  These tactics and techniques will teach you how to fish for bass with the best of them.


Bass Fishing Tactics and Techniques

Spoon Fishing- Add Thread Fin Black Dots to Your Spoon

When fishing with a spoon most times you are chasing schooling bass. These bass are chasing schools of Threadfin Shad, these shad have a small black dot right behind their gill plates. Take a black permanent marker and mark that same black dot on your spoon on both side of the spoon about a ¼ Read More…

Bass Fishing Tactics and Techniques

Snell It!

By tying a snell knot on a straight shank flipping hook, the hook will be forced into the upper part of the bass fishes mouth instead of the side or lower jaw. This will not only increase your “hook-up” ratio, it will decrease the number of fish you lose.