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We’ve collected all of the hottest fishing tips to help you catch that bass of a lifetime.  Don’t go out fishing for bass without reading through our bass fishing tips section.   Whether you’re a beginner or an aspiring pro, we’ve got all the best tips on bass fishing in one place.   Just choose a category or browse by title.  Once you learn these bass fishing techniques, you’ll make all your fishing buddies jealous!  We’ll see on the water!

May 4, 2011

Line Spooling Too Tight

When spooling up a reel while on the water, most anglers keep the new line coming off the spool tight by running it through their hand […]
May 4, 2011

Feathering Your Line

Many bites occur when a lure first lands. Control of your lure at this time is extremely important. Achieving control of the lure upon its entry […]
May 4, 2011

Know Your Weather

It’s so important to pay attention to the weather, especially in the summer. The most recent weather report is vital to planning a day of bass […]
May 4, 2011

Being Courteous

Be courteous to folks fishing. Idle when close to another angler fishing where you want to run. Give ground to an angling angler. These things will […]
May 4, 2011

Evaluating Your Hook Up Ratio

Evaluating your hook-up ratio can improve your catching. When a bass goes after a swimming target he is 70% successful. When a bass goes after a […]
May 4, 2011

Short Strikes: Spinnerbait

When fishing a spinnerbait and getting short strikes try cutting the skirt down. This gives the bait a smaller profile and does not hurt the action […]
May 4, 2011

Recycle Points

One of the best places to catch bass, especially in an unfamiliar body of water, are the docks, points, or other structures nearest to the launch […]